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Browns Foods

We’re all about family, memories and comfort.

Browns group is made up of individuals who are passionate about the manufacturing of food and the economic impact and opportunities that manufacturing can have on communities. Browns Group was formed with the intention of contributing to and growing the range of convenience foods in Africa, by using already known ingredients that are loved and familiar.

Our Mission

We are committed to producing quality food products that fit today's changing lifestyles at affordable prices.

Our Vision

Browns Group aims to be the leading supplier of Corndogs and Potato tots in Southern Africa. 

Browns Group produce and introduce corndogs to the Southern African retail market where the product is currently unavailable.

Browns foods is a South African company specialising in family friendly convenience food. Browns foods Is a subsidiary of Browns Group, Our passion lies in making mealtimes easy filling and memorable.

We apply world-class standards, quality and flavours by being dedicated to using the best ingredients and creating the most delicious recipes. It all started when someone in our family decided to start making and selling the food they love and now everyone loves our food too.

At Browns Foods we’re all about family, memories and comfort.